Human Growth Hormone Houston – Texas

Human Growth Hormone Houston – Texas

Are you a Houston, Texas resident yearning to look younger? We all want to look and feel our best, right? We have a solution. Now you can buy human growth hormone in Houston, Texas. The Anti-Aging Human Growth Hormone & Testosterone Clinic has been providing HGH therapy since 2008. Our affordable human growth hormone is federally approved and will help give you back your youthful vigor. HGH Houston – Texas.

Human Growth Hormone Houston - Texas
Human Growth Hormone Houston – Texas

 Human growth hormone (HGH) Benefits Include:

  • Enhances memory
  • Reduces stress
  • Builds stronger muscles
  • Decreases body fat
  • Lessens depression and anxiety
  • Helps you improve your sleep
  • Builds immunity
  • Increases strength
  • Enhances sex drive
  • Improves the look of your skin

And human growth hormone does much more!

That said, is HGH safe? That’s a great question. In order to best serve our patients, the treatment begins with a physical exam that includes a complete human growth hormone 20 Panel Silver Blood Test.

Your hormone doctor will make sure to share your blood test results which will include an analysis of:

Hemogram Creatinine Triglycerides Total testosterone
Vitamin B-12 Uric Acid T.G.O. & T.G.P. DHEA-S
P.S.A (male only) Total cholesterol T4 Cortisol
Fasting glucose HDL cholesterol Estradiol (E2) Insulin
Urea nitrogen LDL cholesterol Progesterone (female only) IGF-1

Some might wonder, “Are there growth hormone side effects?” We assure you that our certified physician understands human growth hormone therapy and provides service based on your health needs. The Anti-Aging Human Growth Hormone & Testosterone Clinic strives to provide HGH in a way that is safe for patients.

Your assigned hormone doctor will review your blood test results and administer the hormone injection accordingly. The doctor then produces a human growth hormone treatment plan. Next, they will decide on a patient’s eligibility for human growth hormone (HGH).


Young adults from the age of 30 may begin to have a gradual decrease in the hormone HGH, which is produced by the pituitary gland.

This decrease in the hormone HGH affects a significant deficiency for the growth of the human body, considerably decreases body fat and muscle mass. In this way, it can be noticed that both the body fat located in the abdomen and that of the torso show a significant decrease and therefore the loss of both.

While it is true, the hormone HGH is known as “the mother of all hormones”, it is located at the base of the brain in the pituitary gland. Its importance lies in the fact that it is responsible, among many other things, for the growth of the human being. Being an endocrine gland, its size is very small, perhaps like that of a pea, even so, it makes a large part of the hormone HGH, which is carried throughout the human body through the bloodstream.

The lack of the hormone HGH is recognizable when the person shows difficulties in their aerobic capacity.

Most of the people with overweight problems tend to have significant deficiencies of the hormone HGH.

Although the general health of the patient must first be analyzed to begin an HGH hormone replacement treatment; Various scientific studies show that vaccinating a person with the growth hormone HGH efficiently eliminates 6% of the levels of fat in the body, while at the same time, 6% is gained in muscle mass.

The HGH replacement program that we present aims to raise the patient’s IGF-1 test (HGH test) score to 100 by safely raising 350 ng for every milligram performed in the test.

Among the benefits of HGH – or replacement of human growth hormone we can find:

– Softer and more elastic skin.
– Better ability to increase muscle mass.
– Less loss of bone mass thus avoiding the appearance of osteoporosis.
– Greater insight, mental alertness and memory.
– Greater feeling of rest at bedtime.
– Better capacity for healing and recovery from certain diseases.
– Reduction of body fat.


To measure the levels of HGH, the human growth hormone, it is achieved through a test called insulin growth factor – 1 (IGF – 1) since it spreads through the human body through the circulatory system. The test normally measures nanograms per milliliter, ng per ml.

Human beings after turning 20 years old and as we age, despite the fact that we produce HGH, the levels of this hormone decrease significantly and continue to go from a range of 300 ng per ml to 200 ng per ml until reaching rates as low as 100 ng per ml of potency.

Experiencing a decrease in HGH measured through the IGF-1 test, demonstrates the myriad of signs of aging in the human body. Accumulating fat in the abdomen and torso is one of the main symptoms of minimal HGH-IGF-1 levels. If HGH levels drop, the metabolic level also decreases, which results in burning less daily fat.

Keeping nutrient levels low and not exercising regularly increases the accumulation of unwanted fat in the human body. This even if patients lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, since the fat deposits that accumulate both in the abdomen and in the obliques are not easy to disappear.

A level below the minimum in HGH-IGF-1 compromises the definition of abs pleasing to the eye. Our treatment begins with the objective of increasing the level of HGH – IGF – 1 in all patients to reach 100 ng points per ml.

Our patients gradually increase the dose to a safe level of 350 ng per ml. Each patient who assures an unbeatable increase in HGH and embraces a strict regimen of nutrition and daily exercise, will see, over time, a decrease in any fat deposits in the abdomen and obliques, managing a pleasant appearance from all points of view.

Replacing HGH with human growth hormone ensures a fixed and constant over time and with just one dose. Each patient who adheres to these three elements to replace HGH will experience safe, beneficial and gradual results as long as they maintain the program for several months.

HGH Houston – Texas.

In addition, if the patient is male, they may be offered the option of testosterone replacement therapy.

Note: Men and women usually need five hormone injections per week. Doses of human growth hormone are given with a 10 mg – 30 IU injection pen.

For the best anti-aging outcomes from hormone injections, we suggest the following:

  • Patients should undertake human growth hormone therapy while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine to get the greatest benefit.
  • Men should consider combining human growth hormone therapy with testosterone therapy for optimal anti-aging effects.

Remember the human growth hormone injection dose is determined by blood test results and will be under the supervision of a hormone doctor to ensure safety and effectiveness.

If you are ready to lose weight, sleep better and look younger, what are you waiting for?

Testosterone Hormone.

Testosterone, one hormone part of the androgens group, is produced primarily in the testicles in males and ovaries in females. Typical males have testosterone levels that are more than seven times female’s levels.

Testosterone levels rise in pre – puberty at the end of childhood causing the onset of body odor, oily skin and hair, a growth spurt in bone size and mass and the formation of pubic hair.

During puberty testosterone levels rise above normal adult levels as a set of changes occur in the body. This stage brings also the development of facial hair, leg hair chest hair begins.
At the age of thirty testosterone production begins to decline and the total testosterone level which is normally 1200 for a male in his twenties begins to decline. Slowly but surely testosterone levels decline and by middle age many males have substantially lower levels than what they had in their twenties and can experience various symptoms of low testosterone levels:

  • Decline in sex drive
  • Diminished energy and low stamina
  • Body fat increase
  • Depression
  • Decrease of muscle mass and strength
  • Lower bone density

At  Anti Aging HGH & Testosterone Clinic testosterone replacement is one of our core services. All patients receive a medical exam and an extensive panel of blood tests prior to beginning testosterone replacement therapy.

We monitor our patient´s testosterone levels during the year with periodic control blood tests.
Some of the benefits of testosterone replacement are increased libido, increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, enhanced sense of well – being, retardation of osteoporosis, increased energy and stamina, lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a critical hormone generated by the pituitary gland. Also known as growth hormone (GH), it plays an essential role in metabolism, bone density, muscle growth, and cell repair. It also boosts exercise performance and recovery from injury and disease.

HGH Houston – Texas.

If you’re experiencing an HGH deficiency, you’re more prone to disease, gaining body fat, and lowers the quality of your life.

How does HGH work in the body?

Once the pituitary gland produces the HGH, the somatotropic cells flood the bloodstream while sleeping. After 90 minutes, you enter the rapid eye movement (REM) stage, and this is when the HGH enters your bloodstream.

Once the HGH enters the liver, it converts the hormone to IGF-1 or insulin growth factor. IGF-1 helps generate tissue, bone mass, and boosts our immune system.

What are the sources of HGH?

Before Genentech Labs produced the first synthetic HGH, scientists harvested HGH from human cadavers. Genentech Lab’s innovative recombinant technology in 1985 was the first to produce bioidentical growth hormone, not from corpses. When injected, your body cannot tell the difference between the natural GH produced in the body or the identical hormone synthesized in the lab.

Now, you have five federally approved brands of HGH, including:

  • Humatrope
  • Omnitrope
  • Genotropin
  • Saizen
  • Norditropin

The best delivery system uses the brand Norditropin.

What are the groundbreaking studies?

In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study proving that men over 60 boosted bone density and muscle mass while undergoing growth hormone therapy.

Almost two decades later, Stanford University conducted a study showing older men supplementing with GH for half a year added 2 kg of muscle mass and lost 2 kg of body fat. The most revealing part was they accomplished this without making any different lifestyle choices.

Why is the injection delivery system the best?

On the market, you can find different human growth hormone delivery choices. Some companies offer pills, liquids, or nasal spray. All claim to work, but any kind of oral delivery system with GH is ineffective and a scam.

The reason is that HGH has a substantial molecular structure, and when ingested orally, cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream. Without going into the bloodstream, the HGH won’t work.

HGH Houston – Texas.

The only way HGH is proven to be useful is through a subcutaneous injection. An injection ensures the HGH enters the bloodstream. Injections use a non-invasive (fast and pain-free) 32 gage disposable needles. It’s essential to keep the HGH refrigerated when not traveling.

What is the anti-aging program?

Anti-aging programs for men and women use HGH are safe and effective. The exact dose depends on initial IGF-1 levels and body composition. Generally, males need about 2.0 IU (international units) each day for five days. The required total amount usually doesn’t exceed 10.0 IU per week.

Women, on the other hand, need about 1.0 to 1.4 IU per week. The total budget is roughly 5.0 to 7.0 IU per week.

The best time to inject the HGH is at night, right before bedtime. This way, your body has the best chance of experiencing optimal results.

Human Growth Hormone Houston - Texas
Human Growth Hormone Houston – Texas

How is bio-identical HGH, human growth hormone produced?

The medical term for HGH produced in a pharmaceutical lab is somatropin. Pharmaceutically produced HGH uses recombinant DNA technology.

Scientists were able to synthesize the DNA sequence that directs the cells in our pituitary gland to produce HGH, human growth hormone.

This DNA sequence is injected into bacterial cells instructing them to manufacture HGH, human growth hormone.

Genentech Labs received FDA approval for the first bio-identical HGH in 1985. Since that time many other competitive brands of HGH have been approved and are on the market.

Some of these brands are;

Norditropin, Genotropin, Humatrope, Saizen, Omnitrope, Protropin.

We prefer the Norditropin brand for the ease of its delivery system and fair value cost.

Bio-identical testosterone, how is it produced?

The molecular structure of synthetized testosterone from soybeans and yams’ testosterone is identical to the human hormone produced in our bodies. That is the reason why the pharmaceutical companies use them to synthetize it.

We offer you testosterone injectables, specifically, testosterone cypionate in 10 ml vials 250 mg per ml. Injectable testosterone include a chemical compound derived from an acid in which at least one –OH group is replaced by an –O–alkyl group, also known as “ester”, added to the testosterone molecule.

When prescribed, bio-identical testosterone replacement, can be found in a variety of forms such as: injectable, creams, and pellets.

Names of pharmaceutical companies producing testosterone are Allergan, Abbvie, UpJohn, and Endo Pharmaceuticals.

Are you a Houston, Texas resident looking for HGH for sale?

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Human Growth Hormone Houston – Texas

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