HGH Treatments USA

HGH Treatments USA

The Anti Aging HGH & Testosterone clinic provides USA residents with HGH treatments that are safe, at a reasonable cost. Your HGH treatments will be managed by an experienced anti-aging physician using scientifically designed blood tests to ensure optimum benefits.

All prospective patients are entitled to a no-cost no-obligation executive summary about our program over the phone.

Why should I initiate HGH treatments?

As we age our levels of HGH and testosterone gradually decline as we get older. When we reach our late thirties and beyond, our levels of HGH and testosterone are substantially lower than the levels we enjoyed when we were in our twenties.

Low levels of HGH and testosterone manifest themselves in a variety of aging symptoms.

  • Loss of bone mass
  • Looser and thinner skin
  • Increased body fat percentage
  • Lower muscle mass percentage
  • Declines in energy and stamina
  • Difficulty in having deep restful sleep
  • Declines in mental acuity and memory

These are some of the typical aging symptoms that motivate our patients to initiate HGH treatments and testosterone replacement.

We offer our patients HGH in the form of an FDA-approved 10 mg – 30 IU pen. The pen we provide is the number one selling delivery system in the world. Typical male patients will inject HGH using 2.0 IU per day five days per week.

Our goal is to elevate our patients by 100 points on the IGF – 1 test, with an optimum safe elevation of 350 ng per ml. The exact dosage is predicated on the patient´s blood test results and body weight.

Approximately one month after starting HGH treatments, all patients have a control blood test so they and their assigned physician can see that we are achieving the HGH treatment elevation goals. Dosages may be fine-tuned upon the doctor’s review of the tests.

How do I get started with my HGH treatments?

The first step in the process is to have our standard blood panel shown below. You can get the tests done on your own and send them to us or use our referral lab.

Upon receipt of your blood test results, your assigned doctor will review everything with you to calculate your dosages and you can place your order to begin HGH treatments.

We will send you an order form to fill out and send back to us.

We ship all orders overnight in a temperature-controlled five-pound cold box that maintains the HGH between 4 to 7 degrees Celsius.

Our medical staff will instruct you on how to inject the HGH.

The injection is subcutaneous and a very fine 31 g needle is used that is attached to the pen.

Now is the time to enhance the quality and vitality of your life. Fill out our contact box and send us an inquiry now!