HGH Therapy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

HGH Therapy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As we age the amount of HGH produced in the anterior pituitary gland of our brains starts to decline as we pass through our thirties, forties, middle age, and beyond. These declining levels of HGH in our bloodstream cause a variety of symptoms consistent with aging.

Increased unwanted body fat, loss of muscle mass, and declines in energy, stamina, and strength are just some of the symptoms of low HGH levels.

Our HGH therapy goal is to elevate patients a minimum of 100 points in ng per ml on their IGF – 1 level, with a maximum safe elevation of 350 ng per ml.

Dosages are a function of the patient’s blood test results, age, and weight.

Typical male patients will inject from 2.0 to 2.50 IU per day, five to six days per week. Females typically inject a smaller dosage based on their weight.

Patients that commit to our HGH therapy program can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Lower body fat levels
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Tighter more supple skin
  • Deeper more restful sleep
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Improved rates of healing, recovery, and much more!


Human Growth Hormone Decline
Human Growth Hormone Decline

How do I get started on HGH therapy?

1) The first step is to have our Basic Blood Panel shown below. You can get the tests done on your own or use our referral blood lab.

Basic Panel:     Females items (14) ///// Males items (16)

  1. CBC (complete blood count)
  2. Liver enzymes: AST, ALT
  3. Kidney function: BUN, Creatinine
  4. IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor to measure levels of Growth Hormone)
  5. Total testosterone
  6. PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)


2) Upon receipt of your blood tests, your assigned doctor will review your blood tests, and medical history and finalize your HGH therapy dosage and plan.

3) We have a very simple order form to fill out and send to us. Your doctor will teach you how to use the pen and inject the HGH

4) We ship overnight in a temperature-controlled cold box to keep the pens in the cold chain the entire shipping time.

HGH Production
HGH Production

The Anti Aging HGH & Testosterone Clinic provides Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area residents with a safe HGH therapy option at a reasonable price. All patients are assigned a medical doctor specializing in HGH and testosterone replacement. HGH therapy is scientifically managed with blood tests prior to treatment and periodic control blood tests to monitor the patient’s HGH level to ensure maximum benefits from HGH therapy.

The medical term for FDA-approved HGH is Somatropin. Somatropin is HGH that is produced in a pharmaceutical lab using recombinant DNA technology. All FDA-approved HGH (Somatropin) is bio-identical to the HGH produced by our bodies. The key to successful HGH therapy is the delivery system.

We offer HGH therapy in the form of a 10 mg – 30 IU pen that is very easy to use and provides an exact dosage on every subcutaneous injection. HGH therapy requires HGH to be injected five to six days per week depending on the patient’s age and IGF – 1 level.

HGH therapy is a continuous process (not cycled) with a minimum elevation goal. Male patients that combine HGH and testosterone therapy derive the best anti-aging benefits.

Anti Aging is hormone replacement, healthy nutrition, a good age-appropriate exercise routine, and an annual comprehensive medical examination. Patients that embrace all the elements of our HGH Therapy program maximize their well-being and productivity.

Fill out our contact box and send us an inquiry today. Now is the time to enhance the quality and vitality of your life!