HGH Prescriptions Washington, District of Columbia

HGH prescriptions for HGH therapy are not available in Washington, District of Columbia for quality of life anti-aging purposes. In 2008 regulations were changed in response to the widespread abuse of HGH injections by athletes and bodybuilders. These new regulations were an over-reaction as many middle-aged Washington, District of Columbia residents were now deprived of HGH therapy as part of an age management program.

HGH Prescriptions

The HGH Clinic USA is now serving your city to provide HGH prescriptions as part of a legal, safe, and cost-effective age management program. Males that combine both HGH and testosterone therapy derive the best benefits in negating the symptoms of middle age. An age management program utilizing HGH prescriptions and testosterone replacement combined with our nutrition and exercise program will produce increased energy, stamina, muscle mass, libido, lower body fat, maintenance of bone mass and strengthen the immune system. Hormone replacement is a continuous process, not a “one-shot” treatment.

Our overnight shipping service in a temperature-controlled box provides us a competitive advantage with lower operating and insurance costs. We can provide HGH prescriptions and age management at a much lower cost than can be obtained in Washington, District of Columbia.