HGH in Jacksonville – Florida

HGH in Jacksonville – Florida

Who wouldn’t like to look young again? The Anti-Aging HGH & Testosterone Clinic has been making residents of Jacksonville, Florida feel decades younger with our safe hormone replacement therapy.

Our Human Growth Hormone or HGH therapy begins with a blood sample that can be obtained in the comfort and convenience of the patient’s own home.

This test, our Silver Panel Blood Test, is administered to each new patient before hormone replacement therapy, and results include the following:

Hemogram Creatinine Triglycerides Total testosterone
Vitamin B-12 Uric Acid T.G.O. & T.G.P. DHEA-S
P.S.A (male only) Total cholesterol T4 Cortisol
Fasting glucose HDL cholesterol Estradiol (E2) Insulin
Urea nitrogen LDL cholesterol Progesterone (female only) IGF-1

Each patient is assigned a board-certified physician who uses the results of our Silver Panel Blood Test to formulate the specific hormone therapy needed by the individual patient. Our HGH is administered quickly and painlessly through a small subcutaneous needle. The HGH is premixed according to the doctor’s analysis of the patient’s blood test and ready to inject in a 10 mg – 30 IU pen.

Our patients report dramatic benefits after undergoing human growth hormone therapy, including:

  • Greater sexual drive
  • Improved metabolism
  • More restful and restorative sleep
  • Heartier immune system
  • Healthier skin and nails
  • Increased bone density and lean muscle mass
  • Decreased recovery and healing times
  • And so much more

Male patients seeking a more youthful look and energy level derive the best results by combining both HGH and testosterone replacement therapy.

HGH in Jacksonville - Florida
HGH in Jacksonville – Florida

Why are you waiting to start living a more vibrant and healthy life? Contact the Anti-Aging HGH & Testosterone Clinic now to find out for free how our program is helping residents just like you in Jacksonville, Florida lead their best lives through HGH therapy.

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